Our staff team, as well as the specific roles and tasks of the team, are actively expanding and changing. The following information can and likely will change over time. Please note that our staff team is volunteer-based, and our team spends as much free time as reasonably possible to ensure our server is the best it can be.

Hive Team includes all that have The Hive as a (paid) job! This includes the owners, developers, community & staff management, and more. Find open positions here (18+, serious applications only). All Hive Team members have a yellow name color in-game.

Moderators are a group of staff that fully handle everything related to punishments. They handle reports and deal with in-game active moderation. They have a yellow name color in-game, along with a [MOD] suffix. You cannot apply for Moderator.

Helpers are active players that have proven themselves to be mature, knowledgeable, and above all, helpful. They are the eyes and the ears of the server, and help advise the management team of anything happening on The Hive. They are constantly kept in the loop about updates, things to look out for, and everything else that they can use to make The Hive experience better for the players. They have a blue name color in-game, along with a [H] suffix.

For more information about the Helper role please see the three articles below: