👕 What is a costume?

Costumes are a unlockable cosmetic skins that can be used on The Hive.

When you equip a costume, it will replace your skin whilst you're playing on The Hive.

Costumes can only be used on The Hive, and can not be used on other servers or worlds.

👔 How do I unlock costumes?

There are many ways to unlock costumes. There are a wide range of costumes that are available to purchase on the Hive Store, you can also unlock certain costumes by leveling up in games, by completing quests, or by participating in special events.

You can find a full list of all of our costumes, and how each one can be unlocked here.

There are over a hundred costumes to collect!

👗 How do I equip a costume?

You can equip costumes that you have unlocked by opening your locker. This can be done in the hub, by selecting the Global Locker in your hot bar, as seen below:

You can also access your global locker to switch your costume in-game, by typing /unlocks in chat.