🐝 What are pets?

Pets are special creatures that can be spawned in The Hive's hubs. Once summoned, pets will follow you around.

Each pet comes with its own exclusive animations, an exclusive hub title and avatar, and one free Pet Rename Pass.

🥚 How can pets be obtained?

Pets can be purchased with Minecoins on the Hive store. To see a list of pets that are available to purchase, you can go to the hub, and open the pet menu by interacting with the spawn egg item in your hot bar.

Once you have purchased a pet, you will be able to summon it by opening the pet menu again.

💬 How do I rename my pet?

Each pet comes with one free Pet Rename Pass, which allows you to change the name of your pet once.

To rename your pet, or to change the color of its name, firstly spawn your pet, and then click/tap on it. You can change the color of your pet's name as many times as you would like.

Pet names may include letters, numbers, spaces, question and exclamation marks, apostrophes, and underscores.

If you have already named your pet, and wish to change its name again, you will need to purchase a Pet Rename Pass from the Hive Store, for 160 Minecoins.

🎁 Can you gift pets to other players?

Yes! If you wish to give a pet to another player, you can purchase a Regular Pet Gift. You can find more information about gifts by clicking here.

❓ Why won't it let me rename my pet?

All pet names are filtered through Minecraft's in-game chat filter. Names may be blocked by the filter for a variety of reasons, but this is usually down to names being inappropriate, or referencing real-world locations or names. We at The Hive have no control over what is and isn't blocked by the filter.

If you find that it won't let you rename your pet at all, you have likely been handed a Communication Suspension. The Hive has no control over Communication Suspensions, and as such, cannot assist you with getting unmuted.

More information about Communications Suspensions can be found here.