As stated in our rules, the use of any client modification that gives any benefit to you that a vanilla client does not have is against the rules.

Below is a list of approved modifications that can be used on The Hive. This is not a complete list of every modification, if you are unsure whether a mod is allowed on The Hive, please ask a member of our staff team before using it.

The Hive cannot guarantee the safety of any third party client modifications, if you choose to use any client modifications, you do so at your own risk.

✅ Allowed Modifications

The following modifications can be used on The Hive:

  • Resource packs that modify Minecraft's interface or animations
  • Toggle Sprint
  • Toggle Sneak
  • Full Bright (and other modifications that change your brightness/gamma)
  • FOV Changers (modifications that allow you to zoom in etc.)
  • Hitbox Viewers
  • Capes
  • CPS Counters
  • Armor HUD

Clients that only include modifications listed above can be used on The Hive.

❌ Categorically Denied Modifications

Any modification or client that has any of the following features is automatically banned from The Hive without exception:

  • Any form of 'hacked client'
  • Any form of auto clicker (this includes any use of third party software to increase your CPS)
  • Entity radars / minimaps
  • Any macros that affect gameplay - Increasing click / speed / jump speed etc.
  • World Downloaders
  • X-Ray
  • Freelook / 360 Perspective
  • No Hurt Cam
  • All / Auto Sprint (modifications that allow you to sprint in all directions)

ℹ️ Note on "Damage Indicators"

Damage- and health indicators are not functional on The Hive and as such are neither allowed nor denied; they are simply useless.