As stated in our rules, using any client modification that gives you any benefit that a vanilla client does not have is against the rules.

Below is a list of approved modifications that can be used on The Hive. This is not a complete list of every modification, if you are unsure whether a mod is allowed on The Hive, please ask a member of our staff team before using it.

The Hive cannot guarantee the safety of any third-party client modifications, if you choose to use any client modifications, you do so at your own risk.

✅ Allowed Modifications

The following modifications can be used on The Hive:

  • Resource packs that modify Minecraft's interface or animations
  • Toggle Sprint
  • Toggle Sneak
  • Full Bright (and other modifications that change your brightness/gamma)
  • FOV Changers (modifications that allow you to zoom in or out)
  • Hitbox Viewers (only those that don't allow you to see players/entities through blocks)
  • Capes or other cosmetics
  • CPS Counters
  • Armor HUD
  • Auto GG (modifications that automatically send 'gg' in chat at the end of a game)
Clients that only include modifications listed above can be used on The Hive.

❌ Categorically Denied Modifications

Any modification or client that has any of the following features is automatically banned from The Hive without exception:

  • Any form of hacked client
  • Auto-clickers (our full rules on input devices & mouse modifications can be found here)
  • Entity radars / minimaps
  • Any macros that affect gameplay - Increasing click speed / jump speed, etc.
  • World or Asset Downloaders
  • X-Ray (and any modification that allows you to see through blocks)
  • Freelook / 360 Perspective
  • No Hurt Cam
  • All / Auto Sprint (modifications that allow you to sprint in all directions)
  • Chat on kill (modifications that automatically send chat messages upon killing a player)
Damage and health indicators are not functional on The Hive and as such are neither allowed nor denied; they are simply useless.

🖱️ Input Devices and Mouse Settings

Our rules state that you are not allowed to use any client modification that gives you any benefit that a vanilla client does not have. This rule includes using third-party software to modify your mouse's settings.

It is not allowed to use software to modify your mouse's settings to increase your click speed. This includes enabling double-clicking or reducing your debounce time to under 10ms.

While we don't police the input devices that players use, our anti-cheat systems may flag/kick you if you reach excessively high click speeds.