📃 Overview

The Hive rules are based on common sense and fairness. This page documents the most common rules.

This page is not intended to be a full and final list of every existing rule and possible case. The staff team reserves the right to judge each case individually and punish or forgive at their discretion.

Breaking Hive Rules may lead to punishments on The Hive Featured Server. Extreme cases, especially those related to chat, may be forwarded to Mojang and/or Xbox Live Player Safety.

➕ Client Modifications

The use of any client modification that gives any benefit to you that a vanilla client does not have is against the rules. You can view the official list of client modifications that are allowed on The Hive here.

💬 Usage of Chat

Our chat is automatically moderated by an automated chat filter, provided to Featured Servers by Mojang. It's also manually moderated by Hive staff.

Keep the chat PG-13 at all times. Be nice, be civil. This means:

  • No swearing
  • No discrimination of any kind - we have zero tolerance for hate speech
  • No overly political or religious topics
  • No spamming or unnecessary use of uppercase
  • No arguing
  • No trolling or any form of intentionally misleading other users
  • No advertising (this includes other servers)
If you create Hive content, you are allowed to promote your YouTube channel or stream in chat every 30 minutes. Please keep in mind that Minecraft's chat filter does not allow links.

It is FORBIDDEN to share personal information about yourself or ask others to do so. Never reveal your age, location, and other sensitive information, ESPECIALLY when someone explicitly asks you.

Clarifications on what IS allowed:

  • Roleplay that is appropriate
  • Talking in any language

Attempting to circumvent the automated chat filter, especially in ways that involve spamming, will lead to a manual mute. Learn more about chat mutes and suspensions HERE.

🎮 Gameplay

Play fairly. So don't:

  • Abuse glitches in the game or in the client
  • Team with other players that aren't on your team
  • Intentionally obstruct or sabotage your own team
  • Help people that are still alive, after you've been eliminated
  • Knowingly team or party with a player using forbidden client modifications
  • Intentionally AFK in order to gain points
  • Intentionally target specific players, over multiple games
  • Artificially inflate or boost your statistics (players found doing this may be subject to stat resets)
  • Repeatedly kill players after they respawn (kill farming)
  • Intentionally prolong games by camping for long periods of time

👕 Skins

We do not allow:

  • Inappropriate skins, or skins that depict discriminatory or political imagery or figures
  • Invisible skins, or skins that are too big, too small, or too transparent
  • Skins that display any personal information (e.g. photos of real-life faces)

We support:

  • Alex and Steve skins (with or without custom textures)
  • Regular Marketplace skins
  • Most 'special' Marketplace skins

All skins are run through our 'gameplay fairness' validator; skins that are considered too big, too small, or too transparent will be blocked and replaced with one of our Marketplace skins.

Any attempts to use so-called "custom 4D Skins", which are skins with custom geometry, will be blocked, and your skin will be replaced with one of our Marketplace skins. You can learn more about this policy here.

Persona (Character Creator) skins are currently disabled on The Hive, you can read more about this here.

🔧 Custom Servers

With the exception of chat rules and the rules regarding cheating / client modifications, the host of a custom server defines the rules of a custom server. For example, you can't be banned for teaming in a custom server.

As a custom server host, you have several tools available to enforce the rules you set. For example, you can remove players that don't follow them, and manually invite trusted players to your lobby.