The Hive uses Platform Based MatchMaking (PBMM) for PVP games.

Queues that have platform based matchmaking enabled will split players in two groups: Touch and Non-Touch.

Platform Based Matchmaking is enabled on:

  • All SkyWars queues
  • All Treasure Wars queues

PBMM is automatically disabled when a game type has under 400 players in it (measured per queue type such as solos, not per whole game). This is re-evaluated every 10 minutes.

We have no plans to introduce PBMM to non-PVP queues.


What counts as a touch / non-touch device?

Touch devices:

  • Android & Amazon
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch

Non-Touch devices:

  • PC / Win10
  • XBOX
  • PS4

Players that use controllers / mouse+KB on a touch device are currently queued into Touch games. We are working on a solution for this.

How does it work with parties?

If ANY players in a party are on a non-touch device, the entire party will enter the non-touch queue.

Why aren't PC players split from console players?

We plan to enable an additional layer of PBMM, which splits PC players from console players at adequate player count, in the near future.