The Bridge Solos uses skill-based matchmaking and not platform-based matchmaking.

🤔 What is Platform-Based Matchmaking?

The Hive uses platform-based matchmaking (PBMM) for PVP games.

Queues that have platform-based matchmaking enabled will split players into three groups: Touch, Console, and PC.

Platform-based matchmaking is enabled on:

  • All SkyWars queues
  • All BedWars queues
  • All Survival Games queues
  • All Capture the Flag queues
  • The Bridge: Duos queues

PBMM is automatically disabled when a game type has under 200 players in it (measured per queue type such as solos, not per whole game). This is re-evaluated every 10 minutes.

We have no plans to introduce PBMM to non-PVP queues.

🎮 What counts as a touch / non-touch device?

📱 Touch devices:

  • Android & Amazon
  • iOS

🎮 Console devices:

  • XBOX
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch

💻 PC devices:

  • Windows

Players that use controllers / mouse and keyboard on a touch device are currently queued into Touch games. We are working on a solution for this.

🥳 How does it work with parties?

The highest input type in a party is used for the queue. For example, if a iOS player is in a party with a Windows 10 player, they'll enter the PC queue.