😦 Why have I been punished?

Our staff punish players that break our rules, either from reports filed by other players or by spectating players directly. This includes mutes, and bans.

When you have been banned by our staff, you will be unable to enter the server. Instead, you will see the ban reason and duration displayed when you attempt to join.

When you have been muted by our staff, you will receive the mute reason and duration after each attempt to send a message. This is not the same as a Communication Suspension, which is issued by Mojang/Xbox.

If you don't receive information about your mute when trying to talk, but no one can see your messages, this is likely a Communication Suspension. For information about suspensions and what to do about them, check out this article. The Hive has no control over these and cannot assist you.

😓 Can I appeal my punishment?

You can appeal the following punishments:

  • Bans issued by Hive staff that you believe are false
  • Mutes issued by Hive staff that you believe are false
  • Punishments issued by Hive staff for using an inappropriate skin or gamertag (provided you have changed your gamertag/skin)

You cannot appeal the following punishments:

  • Valid punishments issued by Hive staff
  • Communication suspensions issued by Xbox/Mojang - you can learn more about those here
  • Minecraft bans - you can find more information about these here

🤔 How do I appeal?

If you wish to appeal your punishment, please contact our support team by emailing support@playhive.com or by using the chatbox on the bottom of this page.

When submitting your appeal, please include the following information:

  • Your in-game username / gamertag
  • The reason you were punished
  • Why you believe the punishment is false

Please understand that valid punishments will not be undone.

We will only respond to appeals written by the punished player themselves, or their legal parent / guardian. We will not tell you why, and how long, your friend was banned: if they wish to share that information, they can decide to do so themselves.