First, work out whether you've received a punishment from the Hive, or from Xbox / Mojang.

When you've been banned by our staff, you are unable to enter the server and get the ban reason and the duration displayed on the kick screen.

When you've been muted by our staff, you receive the mute reason and duration after each attempt to send a message. If you don't receive mute information, but other players can't see your chat, check out this article instead.

Our staff punish players that break our rules, either from reports filed by other players or by spectating directly. We do not shorten or undo valid punishments.

If you were banned for a bad username or skin, and you've since changed it, you may appeal your ban. You may also appeal your punishment if you believe it's wrong. Please email your appeal with as much information as possible to

Our staff are NOT able to directly assist you with punishment information. We will only respond to appeals written by the punished player themselves, or their legal parent / guardian. We will not tell you why, and how long, your friend was banned: if they wish to share that information, they can decide to do so themselves.