You can gain XP in all of our games, collecting XP allows you to level up and unlock lots of awesome cosmetics!

All of the ways that you can gain XP in each of our games are listed below:

💰 Treasure Wars (Solos, Duos, Trios & Squads)

Kill - 5XP
Final kill - 10XP
Destroying a treasure - 50XP
Win - 50XP

💰 Treasure Wars (Mega)

Kill - 4XP
Final kill - 8XP
Destroying a treasure (or minion) - 30XP
Win - 50XP

⛅ SkyWars (Solos, Duos, Trios & Squads)

Kill - 10XP
Final kill (eliminating a team) - 15XP
Unlocking a mystery chest - 10XP
Win - 50XP

⛅ SkyWars (Royale)

Kill - 5XP
Final kill (eliminating a team) - 7XP
Unlocking a mystery chest - 10XP
Win - 50XP

🏹 Survival Games

Kill - 10XP
Reaching deathmatch - 15XP
Unlocking a cache cow - 5XP
Win - 30XP

👮 Murder Mystery

Collecting a coin - 2XP
Killing the murderer - 30XP
Killing an innocent/sheriff as the murderer - 10XP
Innocent players are awarded 5XP for every 30 seconds that they survive, this is doubled if they survive until the end of the round

💀 DeathRun

Killing a player with a trap - 2XP
Double kill - 6XP
Triple kill - 8XP
Quad kill - 10XP
Mega kill - 12XP
Ultra kill - 14XP
Monster kill - 16XP
Depending on the length of the map, runners earn a varying amount of XP per checkpoint

👀 Hide & Seek

Taunting - 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 or 18XP (depending on the taunt used)
Killing a seeker - 10XP
Killing a hider - 20XP
Winning as a hider - 200XP
Winning as a seeker - 50XP
Hiders are awarded 15XP for every 60 seconds that they survive

🧱 Just Build

Finishing in 1st place - 15XP
Finishing in 2nd place - 10XP
Finishing in 3rd place - 5XP
Receiving a 'Meh' rating - 0.5XP
Receiving an 'Okay' rating - 1XP
Receiving a 'Good' rating - 1.5XP
Receiving a 'Great' rating - 2XP
Receiving a 'Love' rating - 2.5XP
At the end of the round, your total XP is rounded up to the nearest whole number