🤔 What is a Daily Login Streak?

Your daily login streak records how many days that you have joined The Hive in a row. If you miss a day, your streak will be reset.

There are various rewards that can be unlocked by reaching various streak milestones.

You can view your current streak by typing /loginstreak in chat.

⌚ How do Daily Login Streaks work?

Your daily login streak increases by one, each day that you join The Hive in a row.

Login streaks reset at midnight (00:00) UTC, in order to increase your streak, you must join the server between midnight UTC on one day, and midnight UTC the next day.

If you join The Hive before midnight UTC, you must leave and rejoin to increase your login streak.

Your login streak will be reset if you miss a day.

⭐ What are the rewards?

  • A 1% XP Boost for every accrued day (up to 10%)
  • Every 10 days - 30 Quest Points
  • 100 days -

    The Dedicated hub title

  • 365 days - Time Owl costume

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

If I live in a different timezone, will my login streak reset at midnight in my timezone?

All login streaks reset at midnight UTC, regardless of your timezone. Be sure to check what time this is in your timezone, and be aware of things like daylight savings which may change this!

Will my login streak increase if I am playing on The Hive at midnight UTC?

If you join The Hive before midnight UTC, you will need to leave the server and rejoin after midnight UTC for your login streak to be updated.

If I lose my login streak, is there a way to restore it?

There is no way to restore a lost login streak. Our support team are unable to assist you with this unless technical issues on our side were to blame.