To keep things fun, we have a list of rules that we ask players to follow when they are playing on The Hive.

If you see a player breaking our rules, you can report them to us, so that our staff team can take necessary action.

🎮 In-Game Reporting

Our in-game reporting feature can be used to report players for the following reasons:

  • Hacking or cheating
  • Breaking our chat rules
  • Illegal teaming
  • Having an inappropriate name or skin
  • Intentionally being AFK in games, to gain points
  • Prolonging the game
  • Ghosting (Helping players that are still alive, after they've been eliminated)

If you find a player breaking the rules in one of our games, you can use the /report command to report them to our staff team. Additionally, if you are spectating, you can use the following item in your hot bar:

Reporting players in-game is the easiest and fastest way to report players to our staff team.

If you have left the game that the player was breaking the rules in, or the game ends, you can use the /recentreplays command to view a list of your most recent games, and report players that were breaking the rules.

Players that consistently send correct reports, and that don't falsely report players, will receive Quest Points, which can be spent at the Quest Store.

❓ Reporting for Other Reasons

If you need to report a player for a reason that isn't listed on the in-game reporting menu, or you find a player breaking our rules in the hub, please join our Discord server and use the dedicated #report-players channel.

If you come across somebody breaking our chat rules or with an inappropriate username, you can go to the in-game menu, click on their profile and click the 'report' button to report the player to Xbox Live Player Safety.

🚨 Reporting Concerning Behavior

If you come across a player that makes you feel uncomfortable, make sure to block the player, and tell a trusted adult.

If you are particularly concerned about a player's behavior or actions, please contact [email protected] so that our Player Safety team can investigate.

You can find more information about staying safe online here.

🪙 Reporting Rewards

Players that use our in-game reporting system to consistently submit accurate reports are rewarded with quest points.

The number of quest points you may receive is tied to your reporting reputation. Your reputation improves when you submit accurate reports, but may decrease if you repeatedly send invalid ones.

There isn't a set number of accurate reports that you need to submit in order to be rewarded, and there is no way to view your reporting reputation.

There is no cap on the number of times that you can receive quest points, but the maximum number of quest points that you can receive is 400.