Upon starting a Custom Server, you have access to a wide range of controls. The following controls are offered in custom servers:

🔧 Game Settings

These settings differ per game, they allow you to modify features of the game, such as the map, maximum amount of players, the world time and players' roles.

⛔ Access & Permissions

These settings allow you to choose who can join your Custom Server. By default, the custom server is locked down to yourself. You can:

  • View the Access List (a list of players who currently have access to your Custom Server).
  • Use the Invite Player button to invite a certain player, or friend to your Custom Server.
  • Use the Manage Permissions button, to grant certain players in your Custom Server operator controls, which allows them to change settings and kick players.

You can also use the Change Access Mode settings to switch between the following modes:

  • Open to All Mode - allows anyone to join (for example, through friends-of-friends).
  • Friends-Only Mode - allows all of your friends to join using the friends list.
  • Code-Only Mode - generates an access code, which you can give to players that you want to join your Custom Server.

📚 Manage Presets

Using this menu, you can save your Custom Server settings, and generate a code to easily use them again later. We also provide a range featured Custom Server presets that you can use.

🚦 Start Game

Starts the game! You will need to start your Custom Server within 15 minutes of opening it, or it will expire.

🔃 Reset Settings

Resets any changes that you have made to the game settings.

👢 Kick Player

Removes a player from your lobby and returns them to the hub.