The following controls (not options - see game specific pages for this) are offered in custom servers:

⏯ Start Game

Immediately starts the game.

⌚ Extend Countdown

Extends the lobby countdown to 5 minutes.

🎫 Reload Votes

Re-sets voting, and picks new map options.

👩🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Set Max Players

Modifies the lobby size. This is capped at 30 for regular & plus users, and 60 for partners.

🛑 Manage Access

Change who can join your custom server. By default, the custom server is locked down to yourself. You can:

  • Enable Friends-Only mode, so all your friends can join using the friendslist
  • Enable Open to All mode, which allows anyone to join (for example, through friends-of-friends)
  • Give Access to Player: specifically allow a player to access your server. This also sends them an invite, if they're online.
  • Give Access to Friend: same as to Player, but shows online friends list to make it easier.
  • Revoke Access from Player: remove a player from the access list.

Once you enable Open to All mode, you can "Generate Access Code" which gives you a shareable code. This code can be used by anyone on your current region to join your custom server.

🔨 Manage Permissions

Give another player control over your Custom Server - this includes all Controls and Game Settings.

👢 Kick Player

Removes a player from your lobby and returns them to the hub.