We make every effort to ensure that The Hive is a fun and safe place to play fun games and hang out with friends.

All conversations that take place on The Hive are filtered by Minecraft before they appear on screen. The same filter is applied across all Featured Servers. Any messages that contain explicit, offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate terms and phrases are filtered out.

In addition to this, we have a moderation team who monitor The Hive at all times. Players that are found to be breaking our rules may be prevented from sending messages in chat (muted), or denied access to The Hive entirely (banned).

Privacy & Safety Settings

With Xbox's privacy and safety settings, you can control which chat messages can be seen on The Hive.

These settings can be modified to only show chat messages from those that have been added as friends on Xbox Live, or to block all chat messages sent from other players entirely.

To access these settings, click here to be taken to Xbox's website, and then sign-in with your Xbox Live account (the same account used to login to Minecraft).

The setting which allows you to control which chat can be seen in-game.

More information about Xbox Live's privacy and safety settings can be found by clicking here.

Reporting Rulebreakers

If you come across somebody breaking our chat rules, click on their profile and mute and block the user, and click the 'report' button to report the player to Xbox Live Player Safety.

You can also report any players that break our gameplay and chat rules using our in-game reporting feature. More information about reporting players can be found here.

Reporting Users on Discord

If you come across a user that has broken any rules on our official Discord server, you should use the dedicated report-players channel, so our staff can look into it and take necessary action.

Please be aware that we can only look into actions that have taken place on our Discord server. If you need to report a user's actions that did not take place on our Discord server, you should report them to Discord's Trust & Safety team.

You can learn more about how to stay safe on Discord here.

Reporting Safety Concerns

If you come across a player that makes you feel uncomfortable, make sure to block the player, and tell a trusted adult.

If you are particularly concerned about a player's behavior or actions, please contact [email protected] so that our Player Safety team can investigate. Please note that this email is for safety concerns about yourself or another Hive player. Regular rulebreakers should be reported here.

Although player safety is one of our highest priorities, we are not a substitute to the police and should not be treated as such. If you believe a crime has been committed, please contact your local authorities so that it can be properly dealt with in a legal sense. As a company, we will assist any legal investigations to the fullest.

If you are concerned that you or another player may be in danger, contact your local authorities immediately.

Safety Tips

There are lots of things that you can do to keep yourself safe online, below are some helpful tips.

🤐 Don't share personal information
You should never share personal details with other players. Information such as your age, address, phone number, full name, school or date of birth should always be kept private and never shared. Giving away this information to another player could put you at risk of being scammed, or put you in danger.

The Hive would only ever ask you to provide some very basic personal information if you were to apply to be a Helper or Partner (as part of the application process). Members of Hive staff will never ask you to share personal information with them through messages.

🔐 Be smart with your passwords
You should try your best to use strong passwords, and to use different passwords for every account that you use. Enabling 2-factor authentication wherever possible is also a great way to keep your accounts safe and secure.

You should never share your password with anybody. The Hive will never ask for your password.

❗ Watch out for scams
Any websites that claim to offer free minecoins, costumes, or staff ranks are ALL scams that are designed to steal your password. You should never enter your login details or download any files from any of these websites.

Never gift costumes or Hive+ to players that claim that they will give you something in return, they are most likely trying to scam you.

🔗 Don't click suspicious links
You should never click on a link that somebody has sent to you unless you are 100% sure that you know the person that sent it, and that it is safe. Make sure to check that the link matches up with the address of the real website before clicking it!

🚔 Report rulebreakers
If somebody is making you feel uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult. You can also click on their profile and mute and block the user, and click the 'report' button to report the player to Xbox Live Player Safety.

You can find more information and tips to help you stay online here.