🤔 What is an XP Booster?

XP Boosters are special items that give you a 50% XP boost in any game that you play for 60 minutes (1 hour).

Whilst you have an XP Booster active, you will earn 50% more experience than you normally would in every game that you play, allowing you to level up and unlock cosmetics faster.

For example, if you were to play a game of SkyWars with an XP Booster active, and earn 100 XP, you would gain a total of 150 XP (50% extra).

⚡ How can I obtain an XP Booster?

You can purchase XP Boosters on The Hive Store for 160 Minecoins, to purchase an XP Booster from the store, go to the hub, and type /booster in chat, and then tap the 'Buy Boosters' button.

You can also purchase XP Boosters from the Quest Store in the hub, for 200QP.

🚀 How do I activate an XP Booster?

Once you have purchased an XP Booster, you will need to activate it.

To activate an XP Booster, type /booster in the hub, and tap on your Booster, as seen below:

Activating an XP Booster

Once your XP Booster has been activated, you will earn 50% extra experience points in any games that you play for the next 60 minutes.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

🔢 Can I use/stack multiple XP Boosters at the same time?
No, you can only use one XP Booster at a time.

➕ Do XP Boosters stack with other XP bonuses that I have earned? (Hive+ and login streak reward XP boosts etc.)
Yes, XP Boosters stack with Hive+ and login streak reward XP boosts. For example, if you have Hive+ and activate an XP Booster, you will gain a 100% XP bonus

🚪 If I leave the server while using an XP Booster, will the timer freeze until I join again?
No, XP Boosters last for 60 minutes and do not freeze if you leave the server.

🤔 I purchased multiple XP Boosters but only see one in the menu...
XP Boosters stack in the menu, so you will only ever see one at a time. Once you activate an XP Booster, you will be able to see another booster that you have purchased.