There are two types of mutes on The Hive server:

  • Server mutes, issued by The Hive. If you've been muted by Hive staff, you get a message in chat informing you about your punishment.
  • Communication Suspensions, issued by Mojang (Microsoft). If you've been suspended, your message will go through, but other players will NOT see it.

Server Mutes

These mutes are issued by our (Hive) staff. Each mute has a reason and expiry date, which are shown to you in chat. Appeals may be sent to by email, but do keep in mind we won't revert correct punishments.

Communication Suspensions

These are (automatically) issued by the Mojang chat filter, or in rare cases, handed out manually by Mojang staff. The vast majority of automated suspensions are due to extreme language, and (over)sharing private information.

The vast majority of these suspensions are temporary, but certain trigger words (extreme racism, for example) will permanently suspend you.

Your chat reputation is bound to your Xbox account and follows you between ALL featured servers AND Minecraft Realms. If you're surprised or confused by a suspension, keep this in mind.

Support is NOT able to assist you with these suspensions. The Hive does NOT run this chat filter and as such can NOT make an exception for you. Xbox support will NOT unsuspend you.

The most effective way to get unsuspended is to improve your chat behaviour - if your behaviour is more in-line with not-punished users, your suspension will often be lifted. Repeat offenders get longer (or permanent) suspensions.

Warning About 'Unsuspension' Methods

A popular theory within the community is that spamming certain things, such as the alphabet, or flooding the chat with certain phrases, will lead to unsuspension. This is NOT true. This used to work for a while in the past, but the filter has been modified to BLOCK this behavior. Flooding, spamming and other 'techniques' will lead to your reputation worsening, not improving. You also risk yourself receiving a manual Hive mute, as all this is against our rules.