❓ What is a Custom Server?

Custom Servers are essentially private games that you use to play with your friends. You can create a custom server by typing /cs or /customserver in chat.

Within Custom Servers, you are able to modify certain game settings, such as choosing certain maps or toggling whether or not treasures are spawned in Treasure Wars.

You can learn more about the controls and settings you have access to in Custom Servers here.

Stats do NOT save in custom servers, which makes them the perfect place to practise your skills without worrying about your stats!

⛔ Limits

Depending on your rank, there are limits to the amount of custom servers and the duration of time you can host them for each day.

Limits reset every 24 hours, at midnight UTC. You can see the current time in UTC here.

You will no longer be able to create Custom Servers after BOTH these limits are met:

Regular players:

  • 1 game hosted
  • 10 minutes of gameplay hosted

Hive+ members:

  • 6 games hosted
  • 90 minutes of gameplay hosted

Please note that gameplay is the time in minutes, rounded down in your favor, between the start of a game and the start of the end game lobby.

For example, if you're a Hive+ member and you've hosted 6 games, but haven't exceeded the 90 minutes, you CAN still make a new server. If you've exceeded 90 minutes of hosting, but it was in less than 6 rounds, you CAN still make a new server.

Limits are evaluated at the time of creating a server. We won't shut down your current server for exceeding the limits - you'll just not be able to host a new one after.

You'll only be blocked from creating more servers if you've met the limits on BOTH the number of games hosted AND the duration of gameplay.

The limits ONLY count against the host. Even if your own limit is exceeded, you can still play in Custom Servers hosted by other players.

You can view your limits by clicking on the View Limits button on the Custom Servers menu.

Please note that to prevent abuse of the system, there is a cap of 20 custom servers, per player, per day, regardless of rank-based limits.

🎮 Games Available

All of The Hive's (current) games are currently supported.

Support for LTMs (Limited Time Modes) is not guaranteed. The ability to create Custom Servers for LTMs that are supported will usually be possible until around 2 weeks after the LTM has left The Hive.