✍How do I apply for Helper?

Before you apply, we recommend looking at our Helpful Advice (click me) article for tips on writing your application. If you have any questions, please read the rest of this page prior to contacting staff, as you may find the answer here! Once you're ready, you can apply by checking out the main Helper application article (click me).

💸 Is Helper a paid position?

Nope. Our Helpers are all volunteers, meaning they are not paid. You can view paid positions on our job website (click me).

⌚ How long will it take to get a response?

Our Player Moderation Team handles all applications and aims to respond within 14 days. However, we unfortunately cannot respond to every application received - We get a lot of them! If 14 days pass and you do not get a response, please double-check the following:

  • Did I meet all of the requirements?
  • Is the information I submitted correct?
  • Were my answers detailed enough?
  • [Previous Applicants] Have I shown improvement since I last applied?

If the answer is 'no' to any of the above, this may have been why you did not receive a response to your application. We will also not respond if your application has been plagiarized or written with the help of AI or another person.

❎ What happens if I get denied?

You'll receive an email explaining why you were denied and how you can improve if you decide to apply again. Typically, applicants are denied for 30 days and are encouraged to spend that time working with the feedback provided to them. If you do not receive a response, please check the list above before re-applying.

There is no limit to how many times you can apply, but if you are getting the same/similar feedback over and over again, we may ask that you take a longer wait between applications to ensure you spend more time taking our feedback. If you have received the same feedback more than once, that information is still relevant to you.

💬 Will the feedback I receive in my denial message be personal to me?

We consider every application individually, so the response provided will be specific to you and the answers you gave. However, we have processed several thousands of applications since Hive Bedrock was launched and have gained a lot of wisdom as to what we want to see in an application.

This means that your denial message may look similar to others, though this does not devalue the feedback given. The advice we offer you is, quite literally, exactly what we are looking for in a Helper applicant. Please take the advice seriously, even if every word wasn't custom written just for you.

🕹️I was denied for 'recent behavior'. What does this mean?

When we say 'behavior', we're referring to how you usually behave within the community and how you interact with other users. If you are denied for recent behaviour, it doesn't necessarily mean you've done something 'bad' or 'wrong'. Sometimes, we'd just like to see more of you helping out or talking to users so that we can get a better impression of you. Talking in-game or on Discord are great ways to show us that you can be mature and friendly, which are some of the top qualities we look for in a Helper!

💌 Can I re-submit the same application after getting denied?

We ask everyone to wait at least 30 days before submitting a new application so that we can be sure you've read and understood our feedback. If your denial was unrelated to your written application, then you can re-use it if you'd like. However, we recommend going back over it a few times before you do. This is so that you can include any additional information or improvements you might not have thought of before.

✅ What happens if my application gets accepted?

You'll receive an email informing you that you have passed the application stage, and that you are moving on to the next step. This is not a full acceptance and you can still be denied after this stage. More information about the next stage of the process will be included in our initial response.

🚫 I have been punished on the Hive server or Discord before, can I still apply?

Your infractions on all platforms will be taken into account when you apply, but if you have learned from your mistakes and can show us that throughout your application, you will not be automatically denied for having punishments. We also recommend that you wait at least 4-6 months after your most recent punishment has ended before applying.

📱 I don't play on Windows 10, can I still apply?

Yes! Our Helpers play on a variety of different devices, from mobile to PlayStation. As long as you meet the requirements for the role, you are welcome to apply.

🤔 Why do I have to be at least 15 years old to apply?

In short, we cannot store the information of people under a certain age. Since we do ask for your name, email, etc, we must be mindful of who is applying. Another reason for this requirement is that providing assistance to players on the server often requires a fair bit of experience that younger players have not had yet.

You will sometimes have to deal with situations that may be hard to handle if you are younger. While younger players are capable of being a Helper, we have found that being 15 years old offers enough experience for some players to apply.

🟣 Why do I need a Discord account to apply?

The Hive Games Discord is one of the most important places for our staff to be helping in. Having access to a Discord account and gaining experience with the platform is very important to being a Helper.

🎤 Why do I need a microphone to apply?

We use voice communication as one of the primary ways of providing information to our staff out-of-game. While you don't have to talk all the time, having the option to speak in our voice meetings and events is integral.

👫 Why can't I be staff for another server as well?

Being a helper, moderator, admin, owner, etc. on another server makes it very difficult to fully immerse yourself in the Hive community. One of your staff roles will end up taking priority over the other and we do not want to be the reason your role on the other server is neglected. You must relieve any active roles you have on other servers before applying.

🆘 Can I receive help with my application?

Your application should be completed entirely by yourself, including proofreading. As your application is the first time we're getting to know you, it's important for your answers to be written without help from others. However, there is lots of helpful advice and information right here on our Support website!

If you have any additional questions that are not listed here, please email [email protected].