We provide a public API with some of our data at api.playhive.com.

The API comes with absolutely no warranties or guarantees. We reserve the right to, at any point, for any reason, to change, take down, or restrict access to any and all functionality.

Documentation is provided in the OpenAPI 3.0.0 format. The easiest way to browse, and try, the documentation is at https://api.playhive.com/api/documentation#/default

If you wish to use another viewer, the raw JSON is at https://api.playhive.com/docs/api-docs.json

Automated rate limiting is applied. You can check your rate limiting by reading the rate-limiting headers. If you exceed the limit, you can find the reset time in the Retry-After header.

We do not allow linking to API creations on our forums or Discord server, as we can't guarantee the privacy and safety of our users. If we manually find a tool that breaches the privacy or safety of our users, we will restrict that tool's access to the API.