What is a Helper?

Helpers are guides within the community and are not expected to issue punishments or deal with rule breakers. Instead, you focus on being friendly, playing games, and helping others when needed.

What are the requirements for a Helper?

In order to apply, all applicants must:

  1. be 14 years old or older.
  2. have access to Discord.
  3. have access to a working microphone.
  4. not be "staff" on any other Minecraft server.

What else does Hive look for in a Helper?

We look for applicants that:

  • are friendly, but not to a point of it being fake friendly.
  • act mature, but can reason with younger players.
  • can understand the information we provide to them, and forward it to players in a nice way.
  • will not act like being a helper makes them superior to others.

What happens after applying?

  • If you meet all of the requirements above, you will be contacted at the email you provided in the application.
  • If you do not meet the requirements, you will not receive a reply at all.
  • If your application is denied, you will be given feedback on how to improve your application for next time.

Please allow us 2-3 weeks to respond to your application, as we get thousands of applications and we process them manually.

Anything else to know?

Our requirements are non-negotiable, meaning: if you do not meet them, you will not be accepted. If you meet the requirements and do not get a response to your application after 2-3 weeks, please email sourmatt@hivemc.com with your Minecraft name and the date you submitted your application.

If you are someone that is interested in helping the Hive:

Click here to apply today!