Helpers are active players who wish to help others, and are passionate about engaging with the community. As a Helper, you will be the face of the Hive — players will turn to you for help and guidance, and it is your role to provide the assistance they need. Helpers are not responsible for any moderation, meaning your primary role would be to answer questions and be a welcoming face in the community.

If you are truly interested in helping our community, please read all of the information provided below. Knowing what we are asking of you is a great way to impress us!

📝 Requirements to Apply

In order to be eligible to apply, all applicants must:

  1. be 15 years old or older.
  2. have an active, linked account in the Hive Games Discord. (Discord activity is based on messages sent)
  3. have access to a working microphone.
  4. not be staff for any other Minecraft server.
  5. be able to communicate in English.
  6. have an appropriate Gamertag and Discord username.
  7. not be in any Hive community Discord servers that fail to uphold The Hive's rules.

Please note that we do not make exceptions to these requirements so that the application process is fair to all.

We will not consider any applications that are plagiarised or written with someone else's help. If you have used AI to create or improve your application, we may not consider it.

✍🏿 Application Process

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can officially apply for Helper! Your application is going to be where you tell us all about what makes you fit for the Helper role, so take your time writing your answers.

For advice on creating a great application, please see our Helpful Advice (click me) page.

Once you have applied, Player Moderation will take up to 14 days to look at your application. Please make sure to check your email often (including your spam/junk folder) and take note of the following:

  • If you do not meet all of our requirements, your application will not be looked at and you will not receive a response.
  • If you meet all of our requirements and your application is denied, you may receive feedback on how to improve and when you can next apply.
  • If you meet all of our requirements and your application is accepted, you will be informed of this and will advance to the next step. This does not guarantee that you will be a Helper, as it is just the initial acceptance stage.
  • If we do not respond to your application, consider whether you have provided enough accurate, honest, and detailed information. You will still receive a confirmation email after you submit your application, which contains important information that you should read through.

Once you have read all of the information above, you can click below to apply! If you would like more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (click me) and our Helpful Advice (click me) articles.

Please do not apply using a school email address. We cannot respond to institutional emails and will be unable to contact you regarding your application.