Skill-based matchmaking is only applied on The Bridge: Solos. The rest of our PVP minigames use platform-based matchmaking.

What is Skill-Based Matchmaking?

Skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM, is an alternative to platform-based matchmaking. Rather than using the device of a player to determine your opponents, with SBMM a hidden "skill rating" is used to match players up.

Each player has 3 skill ratings: mobile, console, and PC. This allows you to switch between these devices without fear of affecting your skill rating on your "main" platform. It also keeps things fair by preventing you from, for example, using Mobile skill rating on a PC account.

Your initial skill rating is determined by your device, and other factors such as your previous performance in our other PVP games.

Skill-based matchmaking is currently only available on our 1v1 minigame "The Bridge".

How can I see my skill rating?

To prevent toxicity, your skill rating is never shown. It works in the background, and may change at any moment.

Why am I still being matched up against super strong/weak opponents?

SBMM works best when a lot of players are in the queue. During quieter hours and days, to make sure you get into a game, it will eventually match you up with a bigger skill gap.

If you lose against a very strong opponent, your skill rating either won't change, or barely change.

Will games in Custom Servers affect my skill rating?

Your performance in Custom Servers will not affect your skill rating.