For certain players and hardware configurations, RenderDragon versions of the Minecraft client can exhibit bugs such as the "pink glitch", have non-optimal performance or have high input delay.

Players can manually install x86 builds of the Minecraft client, which are optionally provided by the Windows Store. Please note that these versions may be less supported than the default client, and may have different/new bugs.

Downloading the X86 Appx File

The current x86 appx file can be obtained HERE.

You may need to rename the file to end with ".appx" if this didn't happen by default.

You need to have bought Minecraft from the Microsoft Store for this appx to work.

Installing the X86 APPX File

Double click the downloaded .appx file. This should offer to either replace, or install, Minecraft. Press Install, and wait for the installation to finish. Once this finishes, Minecraft should open automatically.