The Hive's built-in replay recorder makes reporting other players on our network easy and fast.

Where and when can I use replay ID's?

Replay ID's are available in SkyWars and Treasure Wars. Other games don't yet support them. All regions are supported.

You can use replay ID's to reports players for most non-chat offenses, such as using a cheating client, or glitching. You can NOT use replay ID's to report chat-related offenses.

How do I obtain a replay ID?

You can obtain the replay ID at any point that the game is active, including in the end-game lobby.

Simply run


And take note (or screenshot) the ID in chat. The ID consists of a number and an arbitrary string combined with a comma.

Example command output

How long is a replay ID valid?

About 7 days from the end of the game. For reporting use, make sure to file your report as soon as you can. We can't accept expired ID's.

How do I report with a Replay ID?

Add the ID as a comment to your Discord report (report-players channel, under HELP). You can also add a screenshot containing the ID, but you can save our staff time by typing it out yourself.

I forgot to get the ID, can I still report?

If you forget to get the replay ID during a game, you can type /recentreplays to bring up the replay IDs for up to ten of your most recent games, along with the game, map and relative time of each match.

If you are still unable to obtain the replay ID, you can report the player and our staff can manually find the games with you and the reported player in them, but this is significantly less desired than reporting a Replay ID.

Why can't I report in-game?

We are working towards a fully fledged in-game reporting system built around replays. Stay tuned for this in the future.

So... what IS a replay?

A replay is a full length server-sided 'recording' of a game played on The Hive. You can watch an early preview HERE.

Can I view my own replays?

We're working on getting the system ready for public use. In the meantime, only our moderation- and Hive Team have access to this system.