SkyWars offers the following custom server options:

Health on Kill

When set, health on kill grants the killer a set amount of health. You can configure up to 20 health, which would fully heal the player in all cases. Please note that 1 health is represented in the game as half a heart: for 2 hearts, configure 4 health.

Mystery Box Spawn Rate

Modifies the spawn rate of the center Mystery Chest: default, double, half, quarter, or never.

Ore Weight

Modifies the rarity of ores in the map. This uses a weighted system, which can be best thought of as a lottery: if you set the weight to 1, the ore has 1 entry in each draw. The higher the weight, the more chance a ore has of being picked. By default, each ore is set to it's regular game weight:

  • Lucky (Gold) Ore: 14
  • Resource (Iron) Ore: 8
  • Health (Redstone) Ore: 3
  • Spell (Lapis) Ore: 2
  • Diamond Ore: 1
  • Enchanted (Emerald) Ore: 1

You may set an ore to 0 to disable it. Disabling all ores will turn ores into stone and makes players rely on island resources and chests to obtain items.


When set, grants the amount of respawns to each individual player. When a player dies, and they have a respawn left, they are teleported back to their original spawn positions and receive the spawn kit. Any loot is dropped (or discarded, in case of a void death) on kill/death as usual.

Remaining respawns are shown in the infobar, bottom center of your screen. You'll also be informed in chat about having respawned, as well as an additional warning when you've run out of respawns.

Keep Inventory

Only works in combination with Respawns. When enabled, you'll keep your inventory if you have a respawn left. Without this, or if you have no respawns enabled, you'll drop your loot on death.

Toggle Boomboxes

Enables (default) or disables boomboxes.

Toggle DeathCrates

Enables (default) or disables death crates. When disables, loot spills onto the floor on death. May be used to improve FPS in bigger lobbies.

Toggle Flags

Enables (default) or disables flags. May be used to improve FPS in bigger lobbies.

Toggle Spells

Enables (default) or disables spell(books).