The Hive will be dropping support for 1.16 versions of Minecraft on or after the 3rd of December.

Why is The Hive removing 1.16 support?

By restricting the version The Hive supports, we are able to use new features as well as new items and blocks from more recent versions. Without doing this, we are severely limited in our capabilities compared to other servers as well as marketplace and vanilla creations.

Furthermore, given the upcoming (world and chunk) changes in Minecraft 1.18, keeping 1.16 support alongside other versions has a financial and performance impact on our servers.

We understand that there are various impactful bugs that exist on 1.17. Whilst some have been resolved in more recent updates, classic issues like the 'pink glitch' remain. However, holding back for this reason is no longer feasible after near 1 year of this bug existing. Instead, we recommend players use the Mojang bug tracker to show Mojang this bug is impactful to the community and needs to be resolved. You can upvote the pink glitch bug HERE.

We do not plan to reconsider this decision at this point.

Wouldn't this impact a large amount of players?

As of November 2021, less than 1% of players use a 1.16.X version to join The Hive. Whilst we try to cater to all players and subcommunities on The Hive, it no longer feels right to hold back features from the remaining 99%.