As it stands, there is no official PlayStation 4 support for Featured Servers. We expect this to change in the future, but this is a decision by Microsoft and Sony - not The Hive.

From a Hive perspective, we fully support the PS4. As Bedrock is virtually the same on each platform, the server is fully playable.

Various ways of joining The Hive on PS4 exist. Neither us nor Microsoft currently prohibit the use of any of these methods. If you decide to attempt any method, please note we will NOT offer support at this time.

You will be unable to purchase items from The Hive Store on PS4 at this time. As long as you log in with the same Xbox Gamertag, you will have access to Hive content bought on other platforms.

If you have access to a PC (computer), the easiest way is to use Phantom (downloads). Again, the use of this is at your own risk and we will offer no support.

The Hive's server ip's are as following:

  • Automatic:
  • North America / Canada:
  • Europe / France:
  • Asia / Singapore:

Our support will not assist you with problems surrounding the use of any tool/method of playing The Hive on PS4.