Players with the Hive+ rank (or above) can create Hive Custom Servers.


Limits reset every 24 hours, at midnight UTC. You can see the current time in UTC HERE.

You will no longer be able to create Custom Servers after BOTH these limits are met:

  • 3 games hosted
  • 45 minutes of gameplay hosted

Please note that gameplay is the time in minutes, rounded down in your favor, between the start of a game and the start of the end game lobby.

If you've hosted 2 games, but haven't exceeded the 45 minutes, you CAN still make a new server. If you've exceeded 45 minutes of hosting, but it was in one or two rounds, you CAN still make a new server.

Limits are evaluated at the time of creating a server. We won't shut down your current server for exceeding the limits - you'll just not be able to host a new one after.

You'll only be blocked from creating more servers if you've BOTH played 3 games AND exceeded 45 minutes of total gameplay.

The limits ONLY count against the host. Even if your own limit is exceeded, you can still play in other Custom Servers.

Games Available

All games except LTMs (Limited Time Modes) are available.