As previously announced, any Treasure Wars unlocks that were obtained as part of a special event or paid bundle will have an equivalent BedWars unlock. All players who obtained any of these unlocks will receive the BedWars equivalent for free.

Most of the replacement unlocks have already been given out, but a few remain; we plan to distribute these in the coming weeks.

Below is a list of all the seasonal/bundle Treasure Wars unlocks and their equivalent BedWars cosmetics.

Animal Bundle

  • Doghouse Treasure ➡️ Doghouse Bed Frame
  • Golden Egg Treasure ➡️ Golden Egg Bed Sheet
  • Beaver Bridge Builder ➡️ Fishy Projectile Trail

Holiday Bundle

  • Mini Creeper Treasure ➡️ Creeper Bed Sheet
  • Police Car Treasure ➡️ Police Car Topper
  • Special Delivery Treasure ➡️ Wrapped Pillow
  • Sheep Bridge Builder ➡️ Penguin Pillow

Halloween Bundle

  • Haunted House Treasure ➡️ Haunted House Bed Frame
  • Trick or Treats Treasure ➡️ Carved Pumpkin Bed Sheet
  • Dead Rising Treasure ➡️ Grave Topper & Eyeball Pillow

Winter Bundle

  • Ice Creeper Treasure ➡️ Gingerbread Bed Frame
  • Snow Globe Treasure ➡️ Gingerbread Pillow
  • Snowman Treasure ➡️ Gingerbread Bed Sheet & Gingerbread Topper
  • Penguin Bridge Builder ➡️ Penguin Bed Topper
  • Grumpus Bridge Builder ➡️ Grumpus Projectile Trail

Hive x Sonic Event (2021)

  • Chao Treasure ➡️ Chao Topper
  • Hero Chao Treasure ➡️ Hero Chao Topper
  • Dark Chao Treasure ➡️ Dark Chao Topper
  • Item Box Treasure ➡️ Item Box Topper
  • Ring Treasure ➡️ Ring Topper

Pirate Event (2022)

  • Treasure Hoard Treasure ➡️ Treasure Hoard Topper

Winterfest Daily Gifts

  • 2020:
    • Teddy Bear Treasure ➡️ Festive Teddy Projectile Trail
    • Robin Bridge Builder ➡️ Wreath Projectile Trail
  • 2021:
    • Toy Robot Treasure ➡️ Toy Robot Topper
    • Invader Bridge Builder ➡️ Invader Projectile Trail
  • 2022:
    • Gingerbread Treasure ➡️ Ice Creeper Pillow
    • Tiny Sleigh Bridge Builder ➡️ Peppermint Projectile Trail